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The types of events we participate at are as varied as the type of wagons in use throughout the United States since the onset of the wagon. In the photos below you will see a wagon train participating in the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive, a fundraiser for various charities. The wagons serve as a nostalgic tie to the past as well as function as a transportation mode for the guests tents and personal effects in addition to transporting supplies for the 60 odd mile drive moving the cattle to the Reno Rodeo grounds to be used in the various events for the Rodeo.


Below you will see an original red stagecoach, which is owned by the Native Sons Of The Golden West who graciously donate it's use for transportation of the media who cover the drive. It is pulled by a four up of Percherons owned and driven by Jeff Shinn of Shinn Ranch Percherons.

You will also see an eight up of Jeff's Percherons pulling a two freight wagons in tandem at the Sacramento Gold Rush Days held every Labor Day in Old Town Sacramento.

Also shown is Dennis Amaral just outside Virginia City, Nevada observing the wild mustangs that roam freely in the area. Dennis, Antonia and his cousin are also concerned with the survival of the Wild Mustangs in Nevada and assist the singer / songwriter Lacy J. Dalton and the musical group Comstock Cowboys in their fundraising efforts to save the Wild Mustangs.

The photo of the two up of Percherons pulling a wagon driven by Kimberly Shinn and Antonia Amaral riding shotgun at a recent historical event at the gold rush town of Clarksville, California. They transported visitors from the parking area into the old town for 7 hours in the hot sun. Preserving the historical sites and towns throughout the west is a high priority of Dennis & Antonia Amaral and Jeff & Kimberly Shinn.

Antonia Amaral & Kimberly at the Clarksville Historical Day.Antonia Amaral in Period Dress.Riding in Style at Clarksville Day living history event.

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