Jeff Shinn, Shinn Ranch Percherons

Jeff Shinn of Shinn Ranch Percherons practically grew up in the seat of a wagon driving a team. At twelve years old he drove a wagon from Zephyr Cove, Nevada to Folsom, California on the Highway 50 Wagon Train, not an easy task for an experienced teamster three times that age.

For sixty years now The Highway 50 Wagon Train, have been recreating wagon trains to commemorate the valiant struggles of the early emigrants who found their way to their homes in California over the treacherous Sierra Nevada Mountains via Echo Summit also known as the "Roaring Road". Jeff has participated in a number of these treks, driving teams over the 7,000+-foot summit with drops of 4,000 feet to Christmas Valley only a slip away.

Jeff is also the assistant wagon master for the famous Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive, which has been providing an opportunity for the public to experience what an authentic cattle drive would have been like in the 1800's. The several wagons provide the transportation of the visitor's belongings while they drive the heard on horseback used for the Reno Rodeo. Jeff's extensive experience and knowledge of the history of wagon use adds an additional demission to the experience. Take a pictorial ride back in time by clicking here.

He drives a team of four Percherons pulling a restored stagecoach owned by the Native Sons Of The Golden West for the 60-mile overland trek, which usually lasts four and a half days. The culmination of the drive is when the cattle are actually driven through the streets of Reno to the livestock pavilion. The wagons are then driven down Virginia Street in the opening exercises parade kicking off the rodeo.

Due to Jeff's unequaled experience and abilities in driving multiple teams he is used exclusively to drive a very unique eight up team of Percheron Draft horses pulling a double wagon for the four day Gold Rush Days event in Old Town Sacramento held every Labor Day weekend. View more Info here. This requires incredible control of the eight draft horses as they make several trips a day around the town among thousands of spectators and participants milling around the team, as well as controlling these enormous horses when gun fights occur in the street, the Mormon Battalion's cannon blasts shaking buildings and rattling windows several times a day, and the steam locomotives blast their whistles a few yards away. But to Jeff it's all in a days work.

Jeff was also awarded the prestigious "Teamster Of The Year" award in 2006 at the Grass Valley Draft Horse Classic. This is a once in a lifetime award that is given to a participant who has shown exceptional abilities in driving draft horses over a period of years of participation at this and other events.

Jeff Shinn Ranch in association with Rockin' A Ranch provides horses and wagons for any type of event you can dream up. This experienced teamster will cater to weddings, Christmas caroling, funerals (with a horse drawn hearse), historical events, wagon trains, parties, or even supply a surrey for romantic rides around town.

Consider also the unique advertising potential by hiring the team and wagon to participate in parades and other venues sponsored by your company. We can work with you and your company to prominently display your name and logo for thousands to see on site as well as potential media coverage.

You can rest assured as well as each event is covered by a three million dollar insurance policy to protect you in the unlikely event that someone gets hurt.

If you are looking for experienced, friendly, entertaining, and authentic, teamsters with some of the most beautiful Gentle Giant horses in the west, look no farther. You can contact Jeff Shinn directly at (530) 417-2956 or contact him through this web site.

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